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Localization Device

Localization Device

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This device receives real-time coordinates from a Satellite GPS Messenger such as Garmin Inreach or Spot Gen4. After processing this information, it projects a laser pinpointing the mountaineer's location on a 3D model of the corresponding mountain.

 It displays the text sent by the mountaineer on the screen.

Additionally, you can view your previous GPS tracks by sending your GPX files to the device. Alternatively, you can download GPX files from other mountaineers who have already visited that mountain.

It features a Neodymium magnet system for easy interchangeability with the 3D model of your choice based on the mountain you are climbing. The calibration process is straightforward.

It comes with a single mountain of your choice.

The connection is made through Wi-Fi.

IMPORTANT: "GPS not included, the localization device requires it to function."

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